Aparna Bhatta

Aparna Bhatta


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Shankar Jyothi Marg, Maijubahal, Chabahil, Kathmandu

Brief Resume

Ms. Aparna Bhatta RN, BA, MA, CHTP

Aparna Bhatta has pursued a career, spanning 30 years, in health oriented community development in Nepal working with a wide range of international and local organisations. Highlights of her career include significant achievements in the
provision of effective primary health care services, public health services including family planning, reproductive health, maternal and paediatric health services often in the most deprived and neglected communities. In this endeavour she is extremely active, personally arranging innumerable health camps, while also remaining an indefatigable advocate and campaigner for the rights and needs of the oppressed and marginalised in her native land.

Aparna is also well known for her work with various complementary health and healing modalities which she strives to incorporate into mainstream health services through her concept of holistic health care which she has termed ‘holopathy’. A key
component of her approach to holistic healthcare is her work, over many years,
with various forms of Energy Healing an endeavour she now channels through “Healing Touch” the globally recognised system of bio-energy healing in which she has become an advanced practitioner and teacher.

Aparna has made teaching the focus of her work with Healing Touch in Nepal; the aim being to make practical knowledge and skills as widely available as possible and
build a critical mass of practitioners to help ensure the sustainability of this new modality. She sees this as an important mission in a country where medical services are often of poor quality and where many are thrown back on their own and community resources to supplement the meagre provision of allopathic medicine. Since qualifying as a teacher well over 200 students have attended her courses.

Aparna welcomes students from throughout Nepal, India and from around the world with a good number of international visitors to Nepal having found their way to her
training events. Attending one of Aparna’s Healing Touch training programmes can
be an excellent way for travellers who intend spending time in Nepal to pick up a practical skill while also gaining an invaluable opportunity to interact with local people on a personal and professional level.

Bhaktapur, Nepal, 14 July 1959

Languages Spoken:
Fluent in English, Nepali, Hindi, and Newari
Conversant in Tamang, and Maithaili (Vernacular languages of Nepal)


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